Sunday, February 16, 2014

Children Museum in Olympia

Roland has a nice long weekend and on Friday we were able to go down to Olympia to the Children's Museum. It was so awesome. Liam was so excited when we first got there. He saw so many cool things he didn't know where to start. We spent about two hours there and we didn't see a lot of the exhibits. We will be going back for sure. 
 Landon loved this water feature. You make your own boat and then direct it down the water. 

 There is also a cool outdoor area that Roland and Landon checked out. 

 Liam's face

 We also spent a lot of time at this exhibit where they put balls and scarves in the tubes and they fly out the top. Liam had fun trying to catch the balls as they came out.  

 Full body
Landon being his cute self. This was such a fun outing, and seeing as we spent most of the rest of the weekend at home with sickness it was so nice to get out. 

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