Sunday, August 29, 2010

Trinity River Photo Shoot

Roland is entering a photo contest in Dallas featuring the Trinity River. So last Sunday we decided to go to a park which has a good view of the river and the city. It was hot, but we got some really good pictures for the photo contest and of course of Liam.

Kirstin and Jimmy come to Visit

Last week on their way to Virginia Kirstin and Jimmy stopped in for a visit. And what can I say, it was awesome! Being in Dallas and having no family close by, we love, love, love when people come and visit us! It just so happened that when the day they came it was also their 1st wedding anniversary. Congrats to Kirstin and Jimmy! So we had a celebration with ribs, eggplant and cake. It was yummy (Thanks to Sydne for the awesome ribs recipe). After that we took a drive to the Dallas Temple and we walked around. They did have to continue their trip the next morning but it was great to see them and we wish them luck in Virginia. We miss you guys already!
Cutting the Anniversary Cake!
Blurry Pic in front of the Dallas temple!

Friday, August 20, 2010

Liam's New Trick

Liam has recently taken to climbing on everything, including the coffee table. I do not approve. We probably won't have the table out for much longer(He fell off right after I took this picture). He doesn't really have great depth perception yet, and if makes me a little bit of a crazy mommy.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Adventures at the Audubon Center

Roland has been home this week. It has been amazing. He starts school on Friday, so I am soaking up all the time he gets to be home before his life starts to get very busy. We have been able to go on some adventures as a family. One was going to the Trinity River Audubon Center. It was a fun place to and although it was hot we went on some short hikes and then took a break in the air conditioning in the building. Fun stuff. So nice to have Roland at home.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Baby in a Box

If you were Liam what would you do with an empty diaper box? Climb in it of course! Liam had a blast with this box and he seriously played in it for 45 minutes. It was a little bit of a tight squeeze, but he loved climbing in and out and throwing his toys out of the box and then reaching to get them back in. I love that the simplest things entertain my little boy.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Goof Ball

Our Liam is become such a goof ball, and we love it. He makes us laugh everyday with his dramatic face and sweet dance moves. He is really showing that he understands us now, which is so fun. Here are some pictures of his escapades.
He loves this bandanna!
I have Mommy and Daddy's phones and I love it!
After he got both of them he retreated to his favorite spot behind the table. Then he sat down and started playing!
A picture that I should included in a previous post because it was of us swimming. I thought I would include this here because I think it shows how Liam is become such a big boy. Doesn't he look old in this picture? Definetly not a baby anymore.

Only in Texas

Okay maybe this happens other place other than Texas, but this is our apartment security guy. There are normal ones that patrol in cars, but ever so often you see the one on a horse. We have been wanting to get a picture since we first saw one, and since we finally got it! Oh the fun things we see here in Texas.