Sunday, August 31, 2008

Mona Ponds!

On Saturday we took a trip to Mona to find Mona Ponds. Roland had heard about them, but we had never gone before. The directions that we got were a little off, so we were doubtful that we would find them. When we finally found the ponds it turned out to be a lot of fun. There was this really cool rope swing that we would jump off of into the water. The pictures are so cool, so I posted a lot of them, so enjoy!

The Quarry

Last Monday night Roland, Ryan, Poul and I went to the Quarry, in Provo. They have a nice family special on Monday night, so it made it affordable for all of us. It was really fun. The Quarry has a lot of variety in the climbing walls, and it also has some bouldering upstairs. I was a little tired because it was the night after my first day at school, so I stayed on the easy climbs, but the boys were really getting into it. It was nice because they teach you how to climb and how belay safely, so it was also educational. So all and all it was a wonderful FHE activity!
Andrea Climbing
Roland belaying!
Andrea trying to boulder, it wasn't working very well cause you have to be real strong!
Poul and Roland after a climb
Ryan bouldering, he was really good!

Roland climbingPoul bouldering
Andrea at the end of a climb

Sunday, August 24, 2008


On Saturday we were able to try slack-lining for the first time. If you don't know what slack-lining is, it basically consists of a rope connected to two trees. Then you make the rope tight and try to walk across. Ryan was our resident expert, so he helped us. Poul had already done it before, but the rest of us were not experienced at all. It is really fun, but when you start it is pretty wobbley. We all fell off a lot, but by the end we were all able to at least able to take a few steps.

Ryan jumping, he was so good at it! Some people had to start out using other people for support

The gang's all here!

Well the gang is all here. Poul and Gretchen came in last Wednesday, August 20th and Kirstin and Ryan came on Friday the 22nd. They are all came out to go to school. Kirstin and Gretchen at BYU and Poul and Ryan to UVU. It has been really nice to have them hear, but we have been a little cramped. Our apartment was only intended for 2, but now it has 6 people in it. The sleeping conditions have been interesting, with Kirstin and Gretchen on the fold out couch, Ryan on a cot and Poul on the floor. This cramped condition will only last until they get into their respective apartment which should be in about week. Until then, we get to be really close! It is worth it though. It is so nice to have siblings and cousins in Utah. Picture of the sleeping conditions.

Monday, August 18, 2008


Well it is offical, today is the last day of my summer. Tomorrow I start my second year of teaching at Riverton High School, Home of the Silverwolves! I am really excited, but kinda nervous too. I am happy that it is not my first year, because I would not like to go through that again, but it will be new students, which will take some getting used too. Mostly I am excited to get back into a routine. Summer is wonderful, but I love knowing what I am going to do everyday and when I am going to do it. I will miss sleeping in, which I do everyday! So goodbye summer and goodbye sleep!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Hiking Timp!

On Saturday we hiked up Mt. Timpanogos along with our good friends, Allie and Matt. Because the weather has been a little stormy lately, we started the hike at about 7:30 am. We hiked from Aspen Grove, and it started out really nice. The weather was perfect, which was a relief. We were a little worried that we were going to be caught in a thunderstorm. Roland had hiked Timp two other times before, but it was the first time for the rest of us. It was a beautiful hike. In some spots I felt like I was in a tropical rainforest. Other times you feel like it is winter, even thought it is August. It was just such a cool hike to go on. We got to see some exciting things as well. When we got to the top, there was a helicopter down near the glacial lake picking up a hiker that had broken a leg on the glacier. On the way back we ran into a herd mountain goats that got really close to us. We finished the hike around 4:30 pm, and although we are sore and sunburnt today, it was an awesome day!

Roland and I next to one of the first waterfalls
Allie and I

Matt, Allie and I on the rock fields

Mountain Goat

This was towards the end of the hike. It was really steep at the end, but I made it to the top!

Matt and Allie at some cool switch backs

The view from the top!

The glacier and some people hiking on it

Another view from the top

This was the helicopter that had to pick someone up. A hiker had broken their leg when they were hiking down the glacier. It was pretty exciting to see the helicopter.

Another helicopter shot

More mountain goats. My favorite was the little baby one in the front. This is when they were making their way down the mountain.

Slipping in the snow

Matt, Allie and I


Momma and baby goat!

This is when the goats came down in the mountain and we snacking on some grass. They were so close to us. It was really fun to see!

There were a lot of beautiful wildflowers on the hike as well. It was so pretty.


A pretty shot of the mountain.

This was almost the end of the hike. We took a little break near the water. It was pretty hot at this time so was nice because the mist of the waterfall kept hitting us and it cooled us down a bit.

A trilobite fossil that Roland found on the hike. The day was full of wonderful surprises!