Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The Pumpkin Patch...

So I know it is a little weird to be talking about pumpkins in February, but on our one of our Sunday afternoon walks Liam found a pumpkin and affectionately called it his pumpkin patch. (I think that is what he calls pumpkins). Anyway he found the pumpkin and was having a lot of fun rolling it on the path until it rolled in the . . . lake. Then he was pretty much devestated as you can see from the pictures. Please ignore the bad picture of me, I just wanted to show that Liam had a pumpkin in the beginning.

Mommy where is my pumpkin patch? (Is it bad that his picture makes me laugh?)
He did get over it eventually. Poor Liam. He really loved his pumpkin patch.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentines Day!

I feel extremely blessed this Valentines Day. I have an amazing family that I love and who love me. Being away from my family and living in Dallas is really hard sometimes, but I have amazing friends here who take care of me and my family. I have an amazing husband who despite his busy life made me breakfast this morning with chocolate dipped strawberries and left me cute notes and treats all around the apartment for me to find. I sure do love my man. I love my boys. They are my life. Liam is so full of energy and so sweet. He is so giving and friendly. Landon is my cutey. He loves to be included and loves his brother. I am so blessed.

My friend Jolyn is starting up a photography business and offered to take Valentine shots of the boys. I eagerly accepted. I love getting cute shots of the boys and I love how the photos turned out. Check out her blog: . Thanks Jolyn!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Fun times before bed

Some of my favorite moments of the day are right before Liam takes a nap and right before bed. Even though I am tired and just want a break it is nice to sit down, let Liam play a little longer and then have story time. Tonight right after bath time Roland was getting ready for a Young Men's activity and he got his wigs out. Needless to say Roland and Liam had some fun and it was a great fun way to end the night. I love my family!

We're so glad when Grandma is here!

We just finished a fun filled week with Grandma Rosie. It was so nice to have her here. Although a lot of her time was spent in the dental chair(Roland did some of her dental work), we were also able to have some fun at the park and around the house. And she was such a great help to us. She did dishes, laundry, cleaned dirty bums and snuggled with Liam when he would wake up at 3 am. That woman knows how to work! It was a much needed break for some tired parents. We were really sad to see Grandma leave yesterday. It is even more sad because Liam asks "Where is Grandma?" all the time now. Thank you so much for coming Rosie! We love you so so so much.

We didn't take many pictures because we are L.A.M.E. but we did have to get at least shot with each child to show that they love their Grandma!