Tuesday, February 26, 2013

February Randoms

1. I thought Liam looked super cute this Sunday (I love that he still loves his blanket)
 2. My gangstas
 3. Playing iPod together

4. Reading with Daddy
 5. Playing/hiding in the laundry basket

7. Decorating Valentines (Landon really got into the watercolors)

8. Getting heart attacked by my wonderful friends! 

 9. Getting beautiful flowers from my wonderful husband. 

6 weeks to a more well-rounded you!

This year I participate in a challenge to become more well rounded. Each day I could earn points for:

  • Drinking 50 ounces of water
  • Exercising 30 minutes a day
  • Eating 4 fruits/veggies
  • Drinking no soda
  • Personal Point-for me this was reading my scriptures
  • No eating after 8 pm
  • No sweets
  • Sleeping for 7 hours a day
I was happy with how everything went. We started the second week in January and I feel like I was eating way to many sweets over the holidays so it was nice to cut it out for a while. I felt like those cravings went away pretty easily for me too. The hardest week for no sweets I think was Valentines week. It was also the last week of the challenge so that made it hard too. 
I came to love the no eating after 8 pm, but the first week I was starving before I went to bed. It made me really appreciate breakfast. This is something I really want to stick with because after the 6 weeks I am really not hungry at that time now and nothing good goes in me after eight. 
Reading my scriptures was really wonderful and I am glad it was part of the challenge. It helped me find out what part of the day I like to read my scriptures and that helps me to make it a habit. If you are wondering for me the time that works for me is right before bed. I feel like my head is clear and it is a really nice way to help my finish me day. 
I am so glad I participated in this even though it was really hard at times. It is always fun and good to challenge yourself. It also helped that I had a group of friends also participating. It was great motivation and I got lots of encouragement. I challenge all of you to do something you have never done today! 

Lets go to the park!

Since it is the end of the month, I thought I would blog about what we have been up to(Did February fly by for anyone else?). February in Dallas is either super nice, or pretty cold so on the super nice days we went to the park. One Saturday we went to the park three separate times, which is a park record for us. The boys love the park! Being able to run around, climb and be crazy are some of their favorite things. I also love it because our apartment seems really small sometimes and I love getting outside. 
 Landon is such a climber. Makes me a little nervous sometimes. 
 My three handsome boys. These pictures melt my heart. 

 Our climber. 

 Can you tell Liam loves laying on things?