Tuesday, June 8, 2010

A mirror has two faces

This mirror was in the process of being hung and Liam decided to have some fun. I love how there is such a variety of expressions. Enjoy. P.S. This kid is in love with his blanket. He is like Linus from Charlie Brown.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Liam's Birthday: The festivities

Sorry that I have not posted in so long. We were on vacation in St. George (which I will post pictures of later) so I had no time to blog. Liam's birthday was not what I expected. He had a check up at the doctors (never make a doctor's appointment on the actual birthday. It makes things to stressful. Live and learn I guess), and they thought he might have pneumonia (which he didn't, thankfully). So we had to get x-rays and it turned into a very stressful day. To top that Liam took the "It's my birthday and I'll cry if I want to," attitude and decided to be cranky all day. It was fun to watch him eat his cake, although he was very scared of the candle, which we had to blow it out for him. So like I said his birthday did not turn out exactly the way I thought it would, but now he is 1 and he is great!
We did get a little do over of the party in St. George. It was fun because all of my sisters and Roland's family was there, and he was definitely not as cranky although he was still scared of the candle. We will have to practice for next year. It was fun to be able to celebrate with everyone. So the pictures are from both parties.
I love my cake

We did not have a high chair in St. George so he had to eat off of my hand.

Funny face

This first video is sad, but sums up Liam's mood on his first birthday

Eating cake in St. George