Wednesday, December 29, 2010

4 years

4 years ago I married my best friend. Now with one son and one on the way we are looking forward to many many more wonderful year together!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

So I may have been withholding some information

So yes many of you may have guess it but we are having another baby! And we found out today that we are having another BOY. We are so excited! I am due May 15th which is almost exactly the same time that Liam was, so we are going to have sons with close birthdays! So here are some of the little ones photos. We can't wait to have another baby in our house.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Liam and Santa

Yesterday we went to go meet Santa. I am not sure if Liam really knows who Santa is yet, but it was fun to go anyway. I was a little worried that there would be tears of fear, but he was not scared at all. He ran right up to him and sat down on his lap. And although he couldn't tell Santa what he wanted just yet, I'm sure he will be able to next year. Merry Christmas!
Okay Mom, I am ready to get off!

Monday, December 6, 2010

Saturday Stroll around Fair Park

Last Saturday while Liam and I were taking naps Roland saw that the Children's Aquarium at Fair park was free for the day. So when we both woke up we decided to do a spur of the moment trip over to Fair Park. Turns out the Aquarium was not the only place with free admission that day. Almost everything was free! So we went to the Planetarium (which was kinda lame), and the Butterfly house(which was cool). We also just spent some time strolling around Fair Park. We didn't make it to the Aquarium because the lines to get in were way too long, but we had fun anyway. After Fair Park we went to get dinner and they messed up our order, so instead of getting 1 pizza, we got 2! Score. It was a very enjoyable Saturday afternoon.
Hi Mommy!

My boys
Cool butterfly in Butterfly House
Can I have the camera now?

Dental School Gala

Roland and I went on a hot date last Friday to the annual Dental School Gala. It was fun to get all dressed up and have a nice dinner. I also got to meet more of Roland's friends and their spouses. Good food, great conversations, wonderful night with my husband.
Me and my lovey.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Oh Christmas Tree Oh Christmas Tree!

I love the Christmas season and I love decorating our apartment for Christmas. On Monday night we set up our Christmas tree. It was really fun this year because Liam was able to "help." We had fun listening to Christmas music and getting all festive as a family. And although I often have to say, "Don't pull the ornaments, just touch them," it is totally worth it to have the spirit of Christmas in our home. FYI plastic ornaments are amazing!
My two favorite boys and the decorated tree.
Liam helping!

My little helper

So Liam has decided that he wants to do everything that Mom and Dad do. That includes drinking out or normal cups, brushing hair/teeth, wiping his own nose and face when he gets dirty and vacuuming. Case in point, after we set up our Christmas tree on Monday for Family Home Evening the floor need a good vacuuming. So we get the vacuum out and I start doing it. Shortly into my chore Liam decided he wanted a turn, so we let him. He loved it. You would never believe that a couple of months ago he was scared to death of the vacuum. He loved helping so much in fact that he was mad when we took it away. So cute and now I have a little vacuumer in training!