Thursday, September 30, 2010

So I am a blog slacker....

So I feel like I have been neglecting my blog. Sorry Mom! In my defense we have been really busy. With what you ask? Playgroups, school, swimming, running, grocery shopping, the same old stuff. All of you are probably saying we do all that and can still update our blog. True, I guess I really have no excuses. Well here are some photos as proof of our busy lives.
Liam has decided he wants to climb on everything! Chairs, the couch, the coffee table (which has been removed), and now his new favorite his high chair. Last week I was doing the dishes and I looked around and all of a sudden his was in his high chair. I thought I may have forgotten putting him in but no, a few days later we caught him in the act. There is a video of it at the end of the blog.( Will have to wait for another post, it is not working currently) Although he climbs and I can't take our eyes off him, we love our sweet 16 month old. He gives us hugs and kisses and makes my life so joyful.
In other news it has cooled off a bit here in Dallas. Woohoo! We are love the fall-ish weather and have been able to get outside and go on more walks. Liam loves to chase the squirrels and feed the ducks and fish when we walk around our apartment complex. It is so nice to be able to enjoy the outside without coming back drenched in sweat.
The last thing I will post about is date nights. Roland and I have been blessed to be able to swap babysitting with another couple in our ward, so we get to go on a date every other weekend. It is wonderful. Our last date we went to the Arboretum(which I have apparently been saying wrong since I got to Dallas), for a concert in the park. It was such a nice night and a very relaxing and fun date. The band was Beatlegrass, so they played Beatles music with a bluegrass twist.The music was great and it was very fun.
The Climber

Wonderful Date at the Arboretum
Stare down with a squirrel

More date night pics.
So this is not the climbing video, but it is Liam having fun with Daddy. I will for sure post the climbing video soon.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Messy Liam

Whether it be breakfast, lunch or dinner Liam likes to get messy. He is in the phase where he likes to feed himself and that most likely will lead to big messes on the floor and on his face. A bib is now mandatory for every meal. Although it can be a little more work for us, we love watching him grow and learn. And sometimes we get to take some great messy baby pictures.


Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Happy Birthday Roland

It was Roland's birthday last week, and although he had a test the next day we had to have a little celebration at home. We had ribs for dinner which were oh so yummy (Liam even liked them) and of course cake for desert. And although Liam had a little break down towards the end of the celebration in was nice to be able to spend time together. Happy Birthday to my wonderful husband and best friend!

The Ribs! Yumminess!
Liam digging in

The birthday boy

Poor babe

Wednesday, September 8, 2010


Roland, Liam and I often go on walks around our apartment complex. There is a nice trail were you can see fish, turtles and DUCKS. All the animals are fun to see, but one duck is our favorite. We have lovingly named him the duck with the fro . Fro duck has been pretty camera shy for a long time. It was so frustrating. We would bring our camera on the walk, and we wouldn't see him, but when we forgot the camera he would magically appear. So on Sunday we went went for our walk (with the camera) and we were more than excited that we saw our friend. And here he is in all his afro glory.