Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Sunday Afternoon Walks

Liam has entered the wander and loves-to-explore age, and Sunday afternoons are a great time to let him do just that. I love love love the walking trail around our apartment complex (and I am not just saying that so they will not up our rent, although I hope they do not) because there are lots of birds, squirrels, plants and lots of room for Liam to run. Sunday afternoons are great because Roland and I can both take him out sans stroller and not get really tired making sure he doesn't get to close the the road or water. Plus there is nothing like a peaceful Sunday walk.
Showdown with a squirrel
Leaves (Doesn't it look like fall with all these leaves? I am pretty sure it is spring)
Can you get any cuter than this boy? I don't think so.

Peek-a-boo Liam!

Pregnant lady chasing after 22-month old.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

I hope this is not a fluke....

Potty training has begun in the Miguel household! And I really hope it is not a fluke, but Liam has peed in his potty three nights in a row! It is always around bath time. The first night it was before his bath and the last two nights it was after his bath, which means he held it in, even in the warm water. So basically I am a very proud mommy right now. We are planning to do full on training over General Conference weekend, but this is definitely a start.
I am a still a little nervous about the whole thing because Liam is pretty young (22 months) but he was the one asking for it. It must have been about a week ago when he started saying poo-poo and pointing to his bum before he had to go. I think it all started when he saw his friend Aiden who is 3 used the potty. Since he was asking, we brought a potty this week, which took him a few days to get used to and then like I said on Thursday he actually peed in it. I am a little worried about him regressing once the baby comes, but it will be nice for him to have a foundation set up.
So anyway this is not something I was expecting to do (I was planning on waiting until he was at least 2), but it is time. Wish us luck! I am very very proud of Liam. He is becoming such an independent, big boy!

Monday, March 21, 2011

Spring Break...Well sort of

Well last week was spring break for Roland so because I am his wife it means spring break for me too! It was wonderful to have him home as always. Here are some things we did. (Sorry a lot of my posts are written in lists. It must be the way I like to organize things in my mind)
1. Liam ate a lot of food. He is obsessed with food lately. We not really lately, he has always been this way. But he is starting to vocalize what he wants. So of his favorite food words are -nack (snack), Cheese, Milk Foo (food) orangie (orange) ,and bapple (apple).
One of his new faces
2.The weather has been amazing lately (getting a little warm too fast if you ask my ankles), so we have been outside a lot. This was one outing to White Rock Lake where we tried out Liam's scooter. He stayed on for a little bit, but then he just wanted to push it.

3. Monday night was bowling night. It was really fun to get out with some friend and go bowling. We had not been in a long time. Roland played about 3 games and laser tag, whereas I could only bowl two games and I was wiped out. I was really sore the next day too. Oh the joys of having a bowling ball on the front of your body ( I mean being pregnant, if you did not get my lame attempt at a joke). Liam got to try our bowling too. He like to push and kick the ball down the lane.

4. Roland went to a conference in San Diego. This is why it was spring break, but not. Roland had to give a presentation and was a little stressed about it. He also had to waste one of his spring break days traveling due to delays. We were so so so happy when he got back!
This is basically how Roland felt about the whole trip

View from his hotel room. Lucky!
5. Trip to a park. On Saturday we looked up a park about 45 minutes from Dallas and took a mini road trip. The park had some trails so it was nice to hike around a little bit. We ended our outing with a picnic and headed home.

So that was spring break and now we are back into the same old routine. I am so grateful to have a wonderful husband and son to hang out with all the time!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Trip to the Fire Station

We had such a fun play group on Wednesday! We went to the Dallas Fire Station. One of the members of our church is a firefighter and was willing to give all of us a tour. It was so nice to do something different and new.Liam loved looking at the the dials and gadgets on the truck and I had never been in a fire station before so it was fun and informative for me as well.

I know I say this a lot, but I love love love my little boy!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

30 weeks! 10 weeks to go...

So here I am at 30 weeks. I can't believe the 10 week countdown has started. I can't believe it is March. I can''t believe how fast this pregnancy has gone. I guess there are a lot of things that are unbelievable in my life right now. I was thinking the other day about how I feel like have I done next to nothing to prepare for Landon. But then I thought we have most of the stuff we need minus a double stroller, which I am hoping to find on craigslist.
I am feeling pretty good, but third trimester definitely has brought back the fatigue and I am having a harder time getting comfortable. Maybe I just forgot what it was like but Landon loves to kick. Sometimes it feels like he is kicking me in two places at once and he is strong!
Right now though I am just soaking in our daily routine and all the time I get with Liam before the new baby comes and everything gets shaken up. I am excited but I little sad because things will never be the same. I am sure they will change for the better, but I will have to divide my time between my two little guys. So I am trying to cherish all the one on one time I get with Liam right now. Well that is my life right now. Sorry for the lack of blogging but it is really just the same ole stuff and routine. Spring break is coming up soon and I am looking forward to that. Well that is all for tonight. I hope everyone has a relaxing and wonderful Sunday night.