Monday, March 5, 2012

Landon is 9 months...Well really 9 and a half!

Our little Landon is already 9 months. I thought I would do a quick update on how he is doing. He is still our little guy. At his last appointment he was about 5%tile for weight and as the doctor put it less than 5% for height. For being so little he sure does move around a lot. He is a super fast crawler, and sometimes will crawl on his fists which makes him look a little bit like a monkey. He also loves to eat and his favorite food right now is puffs. He loves them! We are trying to feed him more and more finger foods. He also loves the vacuum. Sometimes it is really hard for me to vacuum because he chases me around and I think I am going to run him over. Landon is also going through the separation anxiety phase. Anytime I leave the room, he cries. But it makes me feel like I am needed as a mommy which is nice. He is sleeping through the night like a champ and takes two solid 2 hour naps, morning and afternoon. He has 6 teeth! Ahh! He got his teeth so fast. I think some more are coming in too, but I always think that. He pulls up on everything and moves around the furniture. I am starting to think that walking is not to far in the future, which kinda scares me. One major difference between Landon and Liam is that Landon doesn't fall as much...yet. Landon is just a great baby. He loves to smile, laugh and hang out with his brother and mom and dad. We love you Landon babe!

Children's Aquarium

One Saturday at the beginning of February (yes I am behind on the blog) it was too cold to do something outside so we decided to take a little trip to the Children's Aquarium at Fair Park. I sometimes think that we are a little spoiled here in Dallas because there are so many fun things to do really close to where we live. I guess that is one plus to living in a big city. Anyway, it was fun and we hadn't been on a family outing in a while so it was nice to be together. Liam's favorite thing was the jellyfish that changed colors. Landon's favorite, um not really sure, but there was a really cool sea turtle like on Finding Nemo that I really liked. Roland loved the alligator snapping turtle. It was huge!