Monday, April 15, 2013

Easter 2013

We had a lot of fun for Easter this year. Every year our apartment complex has an Easter egg hunt. So Friday afternoon we made our way over there. Liam and Landon had a blast finding all the eggs and playing in the bouncy houses. 

 Easter morning the Easter bunny hid the Easter baskets and left a trail of eggs for the boys to find the baskets. The boys didn't really get it, maybe next year. 

 Then we got all dressed up for church, which was wonderful. Our ward put on a beautiful musical program and it really made us focus on the Savior which is what Easter is really all about. 

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Getaway to Galveston

For spring this year Roland and I went for a trip just the two of us to Galveston, Texas. It is hard to know where to begin in describing our trip. It was simply amazing. We were able to for get about all of our stresses for a few days and just spend time together. We ate when we were hungry instead of when the kids wanted to eat, and didn't have to plan around any naps and were spontaneous. 
I don't know if this really makes any sense, but this trip made me gain self confidence. As a mom of two children I am often insecure about my body, my parenting skills, how I interact with others...I could go on. Lets just say stress about a lot of things. This trip help me relax and refocus. 
It was also so wonderful to spend time with my husband, Roland. We haven't been on a trip the two of us since we had kids and it was great to talk and listen to each other. 
We did miss the kids. At the beach I would look and families with kid and think the boys would love this! It gave to comfort to know that we had amazing friends taking care of them. It was a sweet reunion when we picked them up. Liam said to me," Mommy that was a mistake. Next time don't leave us." I hope we can take a family vacation soon. 

 Our first stop was at my friend Crystal's house. I really wanted to see her and her cute twin babies. It was so fun to catch up and I wish we lived closer so we could hang out more. Love you C! 

 Then we headed down to Galveston and set up our campsite. It didn't take too long so we were able to explore the park. It is the smallest state park we have ever been to. It is right by the ocean though so that makes up for the small size I guess. 

 The first night we made hot dogs and baked beans for dinner and lets just say those baked beans tasted amazing. I think I may have been a bit hungry but yummy! It was crazy windy so we woke up a lot the first night. I kept thinking it has to be morning and would look at the clock and it was 2 am. The joys of camping! 
The next morning we explored the park some more. The trails were really short so we did some off roading and made our own trail. I got a little nervous that the tide would come in and we would be stranded but we were fine. We also found some hermit crabs. It was a fun morning.

After exploring the state park we drove around Galveston a bit and at the advice of Crystal we took a ferry ride. It was so fun and free! There were dolphins that would jump in front of the ferry. It was so cool! 

 After the ferry ride we picked up some food and headed back to the campsite. It was another super windy and loud night. We woke up at about 5 am and decided the last night in town we were going to get a hotel. Camping is only fun for so long. It was an amazing sunrise though. It was so nice to be able to walk two minutes to get to the beach. The ocean is so calming. 

 During the day we took a little trip to a National Wildlife Refuge. It was a little hard to find, but we were able to see some pretty cool wildlife. This little buddy was right outside our car!

 After the wildlife refuge we went back to the beach and I was determined to "swim" in the ocean. If anyone knows me I do not like to get into water fast. So I took my time, but I did actually get in. Roland joined me as well and we swam together. I only lasted about five minutes but it was fun. 

 Our last evening we headed down Seawall to see more of Galveston. It was a beautiful evening. I loved being able to walk on the beach hand in hand with Roland and just take in the beauty of the ocean. 

 We slept so well the last night in the hotel. We even got to sleep in until 8 am! It was awesome. After breakfast we packed up all our stuff and headed home. I was sad to leave but happy to be able to see our kids. We missed them. 

Good bye Galveston. Wonderful, unforgettable trip!