Monday, July 23, 2012

Family Pictures

While in St. George we got some family pictures done because all of the kids and grand kids were in the same place at the same time, which almost never happens. They turned out really well! 
 All the grand kids. Pretty darn cute! 
 Everyone! It was really hard to get a picture were everyone was looking. 

 Parks and Liam: Best buddies! 

St. George trip

Right after Roland finished his 3rd year of dental school in May, we went on a trip to St. George. The first week Roland had a internship working at a public health dental office and the second week we just played. We had so much fun being playing with cousins and being with family. It was an awesome trip and we didn't want it to end. Every time I go to St. George I am amazed at how beautiful it is there. It is so different from Dallas and we love to have a change of scene every once and a while. St. George we miss you! 

 Hanging with the uncles! 

 Great grandparents, Bito and Mamia
 Playing in some sand dunes

 We played really hard some days
 One of the last days we were there we went to the carousel 

 Liam and Parks. They are best buds. Liam still talk about having Parks over all the time. Just last week he called one of his friends "The new Parks," because he kind of looked like his cousin.
Our cutie