Sunday, November 18, 2012

Halloween 2012

We had tons of fun for Halloween this year. I feel like we started celebrating right when October started. The first thing we did was pumpkin carving. We thought the boys would be into scooping out the guts. Not so much. So we did most of the work. Roland carved Iron Man. Liam is really into super heroes right now especially Iron Man. 
 Next we had our ward party and trunk or treat. The boys were dressed as chickens. 
 I just wore my marathon shirt. (I know not creative at all). Roland did one of his last minute costumes and was an alpine skier from Europe. More creative, but a little sketchy. It is okay though. It is Halloween.

 This was the day after the trunk or treat. We turned our backs and Liam had unwrapped all his candy.
 The chicks on actual Halloween. We took them trick or treating for the first time. 
 We went with some friends and Liam got the hang of it right away. He ran from house to house and we had to chase him. 

 Landon got into it too. He would waddle up to the door and hold out his hand. It was so cute. 
 The whole posse. 

Family picture. Halloween 2012
Liam asked the day after Halloween if we could go trick or treating again. Until next year sweetie! 

What I learned from running a marathon

I ran my first marathon on October 20th in Cedar Park TX. It was an amazing, life changing
 experience. The whole story is way to long (I wrote the whole thing in my journal) to put in the blog post, I will just write what I learned. 
1. There were times in the race when I felt dissapointment, discouragement and even failure. When I was at my lowest I asked my Heavenly Father for help and He changed my perspective and kept me going even though it was hard. I know that I can use this memory to help me throughout my life
2. I am stronger than I even thought possible
3. My family is the most important thing in the whole world to me. We should strive to strengthen each other when we are struggling and sometimes all it takes is someone holding your hand to lighten your burdens. 
4. Don't worry what others think of you. Run your own race. 

I have so many people to thank for helping and supporting me in my training and the actual race. First all of my wonderful friends here in Dallas. Your encouraging words keep me going during the long summer months of training. My husband helped me so much. I could not have done this without him. He watched the boys during my long runs, woke me up to run even when I did not want to, gave me supportive words when I wasn't sure I could do and was just so awesome. Last I have to thank my Heavenly Father. I often prayer to help me get through a certain run and I know that he gave me the strength to finish my training and the race. 

 This was pre-race. It was so dark when we got to the start. Liam wanted some hugs before I started.

 The start! 
 The boys played played while I was running. 

 This was my favorite part of the race. It was about mile 23. I was dead tired and then I saw my boys. Liam ran up and held my hand and started running with me. It gave me the strength to finish and it is a memory I will hold with me always. 

The finish! What a race. The hardest, but best race of my life. 

Friday, November 9, 2012

Mom and Dad come to Dallas

Today instead of looking at other people's blog I decided to update ours a bit. My parents came to visit at the beginning of October. It was wonderful to have them here in Dallas. We stayed very busy and had  some activity planned almost everyday. Day One was the State Fair of Texas. We visited the petting zoo,

 We rode the Ferris Wheel, which was fun, but a little scary with little kids. At least for me anyway. 
 Landon was also pretty done with the fair at this point, and was not impressed. 
 and Liam got to ride the carousel. He was talking about it all morning so we were so glad we found it.
 Day Two was the Arboretum. It was busy, but much more relaxing than the fair. 

 I love this picture of the boys with my parents. Liam was in love with my dad's sun glasses! 

 It was in the 70/80's when my parents were here and they insisted on going swimming. I am a wimp now so I did not get in but the boys loved it. 

 Over the weekend we went to the Cottonwood Arts Festival. It was so much fun! They had a lot of fun things for the boys to do and amazing art for us adults to look at. 

 Liam even got to make his own bowl! 

 The last day they were here we walked around White Rock Lake and
 visited the Dallas Temple

 the boys really did not want to get their picture taken with Grandma!
 We also went mini golfing. It was Liam's first time and he really liked it! 

All and all it was a wonderful visit. It was so much fun seeing the kiddos interact with their Grandparents. Love you Mom and Dad. Thanks so much for coming!