Sunday, January 27, 2013

Fort Worth Stock Show and Rodeo: A true Texas experience

Over the long weekend we headed out to Forth Worth for the Stock Show. I am so glad that we did this before we leave Texas because I feel like it was a true Texas experience from start to finish. In the parking lot there was nothing but trucks. We were seriously the only car in our row. Walking into the stock show everyone was wearing cowboy boots, hats and tucked in flannel shirts. I kind of felt out of place. I really felt the Texas welcoming spirit too. We had our huge stroller and everyone went out of their way to hold the door open for us. Not that people are not nice in Dallas, it just seemed like people were extra nice at the stock show.
 We got to see some cool animals too. Liam is not big into petting zoos, but we went in one anyway. Landon is more friendly to animals so he had fun. Liam did love the roller coaster though. Roland rode with him and every time he passed me I would hear a shout of pure glee. 
There was so much stuff there. I got to have a relaxing ten minutes in the massage chair and Liam got to test his baseball speeds. We did not stay for the rodeo, but we went to the arena and it made me really want to see one. That will have to be the next family outing! All and all a wonderful family day trip to Forth Worth! 

 All the trucks. I wasn't kidding! 
You know it was a good trip when the kids fall asleep in the car. Doesn't he look so peaceful? 

Monday, January 7, 2013

Update on the boys

I feel like I have been doing well on updating on our adventures but not so much on the boys so here is goes:

Landon (19 months)

  •  He is actually starting to grow! He has gain almost 2 lbs since his last doctors visit which is really really good for him. Now if we could only see those inches increase too. Oh well.
  •  He is starting to talk now too. Some of his favorite words are: dog, star, duck, gum(, dada, apple and juice. He picks up on words really fast now and will repeat a lot of what we say. 
  • Landon loves to dance! When ever there is music on he will twirl around and waves his arms. It is crazy cute. 
  • Like is brother, he loves cars. We got the boys a lot of cars for Christmas, but actually had to purchase 2 Lightning McQueens because there was too much fighting over just one. It was funny to us that Landon would really care what car he played with and he really hasn't even watched the movie Cars, but he loves Lightning McQueen
  • He loves building with blocks. 
  • He loves climbing! If there is ever a chair pulled away from the table he has to climb on it and on rare occasions I have even found him on the table. Silly boy! 
  • He is very snuggly. Landon has not grown out of this yet which I hope he never does. He loves to snuggle with his stuff animals, blankets and with mommy and daddy. 
Liam (3 1/2 years)
  • Liam is still on big ball of energy, but I wouldn't have it any other way. He is always on the move and doing something.
  • He also loves blocks and cars
  • He is so friendly. Just today at the doctors office he sit down to a man he doesn't know and starts having a conversation with him. Amazing. 
  • He loves playing with his friends and asks to play with them almost every day. 
  • Is very sweet. When Landon is crying he will say to him ," What is wrong Landon? It's okay."
  • Liam is very stubborn. I will try to tell him to do something and he says "Look Mom. This is how I want to do it. " He really does say Look before any statement he makes. He must get that from us. 
  • He loves to dress himself these days. Which is nice but sometimes hard. Like this morning when he put on shorts and could not be convinced that is was too cold for shorts. He decided that shorts and long socks would be warm enough for him, so that is how we left the house. Again he is pretty stubborn. 
  • Still takes a nap and goes to bed at about eight. I love this! 
  • Is affectionate. Liam will randomly say, " I love you Mom," or " Your hair is beautiful." I hope he keeps it up because it keeps me happy. 
So those are the updates on the boys. They are wonderful and we love them so much! 

The pictures are from yesterday when Liam asked to make a batman cake. So I made some cakes and the boys got to decorate. Then they worked on their birthday candle blowing out skills. They both did really well. We are blessed! 

Liam the Sunbeam

Last Sunday was Liam's first day in Sunbeams. This is him before we left for church in the morning. He was so happy to have his own scriptures and for some reason thought he was going to get in front of everyone in Primary and read them. After sacrament meeting, as I brought him to Primary for the first time, I think I was more nervous than Liam. Of course he was fine, but is it so crazy that my little baby is three! I think the Jesus wants me for a Sunbeam song fits Liam so well: 
Jesus wants me for a Sunbeam 
To shine for him each day
In every way try to please Him
At home, at school, at play
A sunbeam, a sunbeam,
Jesus wants me for a sunbeam
A sunbeam, a sunbeam
I'll be a sunbeam from Him. 

We love our sunbeam! 

Trains..oh my!

As one of or final family activities before Roland went back to school (sad face ) , we went to see the trains at Northpark Mall. The have the train exhibit up right after Thanksgiving and through the holidays. We ended going on the last day it was open, so it was tad crowded, but it was wonderful. The exhibit is so nicely done with lots of trains and lots for the boys to look at. We loved all the different landscapes and scenes that were set up. I found Lightning McQueen in one of the scenes and Liam was beyond excited. Every time a new person came close to us he would point out McQueen to them. That boy and his cars. Landon was equally thrilled. He loved to point every time a train came by and was completely content staying in our arms and watching everything. 

 We were so excited to see the Baylor building. Roland does not actually attend school in this building, but really close (the buildings are all attached). Whenever Liam sees this building he calls it Daddy's school. So if was so fun to see in model form. 

I think this scene was my favorite. The balloons would move up and down. 

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Afternoon at the Arboretum

We had a wonderful afternoon at the Arboretum today. Not many people where there it being January and all, so we felt like we owned the place. It was so nice to walk around as a family. The boys I think were extra cute today too. Afternoons like this makes me really grateful for the times that Roland is on break. He will be back in school soon and it so nice to spend time together as a family.