Saturday, January 28, 2012

The Texas Half Recap

Today was the Texas Half! I thought I would blog about it while I had it fresh in my mind. Training for this race was not easy for me. I would feel great one week and then the next get a cold or slight injury. It was a struggle, until the last few long runs. I had some awesome running partner and the runs felt so good. The last run was 11.5 miles so I felt prepared for the race.
This morning was great weather, not too hot or cold, but a bit windy. I started out the run with Jenny who had been my running bud the last few long runs. We both had a goal of running under 2 hours and for the first 9.5 miles we were right on track. I felt pretty good except for the cramp in my calf and side. But after about 9 miles my energy evaporated. I blame it on my "special visitor" that decided to make an appearance this week. So I let Jenny run ahead and I kept going on my own. It was really all I could do to put on foot in front of the other. People were passing me left and right and more than once I really wanted to walk. It doesn't help that in the course you pass the end, but have to run a mile passed it and back before you finish and that you can see the finish line for the last long mile. Insecurities started creeping in the last few miles saying that I couldn't/didn't want to do this, but I knew I just had to keep on running. Once I started up the hill (not nice people) that is the finish line I gave it all the energy I had and finished. My official time was 2:06:46 a 9:36 pace. I little over my goal, but I am super happy with this time. I beat my time from 2 years ago and I only had one kid then!
At the end I was super tired, hungry and a little shaky, but I had done it. I had finished. I love that running is such a metaphor for life. This race and life are not easy, but you just have to keep on going! I am so glad I committed to this. I am grateful for my running buds that helped my with the long training runs and for Jenny for keeping me going for so long. I am grateful for my super special running buddies, Liam and Landon that were there for almost every run. And of course I am grateful for my husband who has supported my through it all. What a great experience! Next race: NH Marathon perhaps?
Timothy 4: 7
I have fought a good fight, I have finished my course, I have kept the faith

Most of my running buds!
Jenna's kiddos: Avarie really want her picture taken. All the kids did so well waiting for their mommies!
And I am done!
Spending some time with one of my favorite running partners!
I had to post a good calf picture! Check me out!
This was about mile 10.5. This is exactly how I felt!

Before I left this morning!

I had a super fun spaghetti dinner with all my running friends on Friday night. It was so fun and brought my back to my cross country days!

Friday, January 27, 2012

Like parents like son

Yesterday I made Liam some lunch and without any prompting from me he pulled a magazine over and started flipping through it while he ate. I know he has seen Roland and I do that many times before. It is amazing how much your children will imitate what you do. Kinda scary actually. He seemed so grown up! One thing that I thought was extra cute about it was that the magazine was the BYU magazine. Gotta get him to love BYU while he is young right? I love my kids!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Liam's Recent Adventures

I love my two year old, but he keeps me on my toes. Here are some of his adventures of the past few weeks.
He got into my eye shadow and decided it would look good on his face. At first I thought it was permanent marker so I was relieved to find out that i was just make up.
He pulled all of the pictures off this shelf and said he was going to sleep here. Not sure how comfortable that is going to be bud!
I told him to put all his cars in this box, so he saw these cars graham crackers and decided all of them should go in there too.
Even though I get frustrated at some of Liam's antics, I am so happy that he is so active and creative. One miracle that happened in his life is that he stopped sucking his thumb! We are not really sure how it happened, but we are very happy that we don't have to bug him about it anymore. Liam also loves learning everyone's names and has starting saying he loves everything. Examples are " I love my friends, I love pickles, I love the park." Also he told us the other day that he wanted to eat his brother. Lets hope that doesn't happen, but I love the random stuff he is coming up with these days. I love you Liam!

8 months!

Our little guy is 8 months old today! I am aware that everyone says this but where has the time gone? Landon had made some major accomplishments over the last month. He:
  • Crawls now! He learned over Christmas break and there was no turning back. It is really different taking care of him now that he can move, but I love his moves. He can move around so fast and he does these gymnast type moves.
  • Got his front teeth and is getting two more so total he has six teeth!
  • Is eating lots more solid foods
  • Loves wrestling with his brother
  • Starting to pull himself up on things ( I am not ready for another walker!)

We love love love our little guy!

Friday, January 13, 2012

Landon and Lucy: Best buds!

One of my favorite parts of the break was watching Landon and Lucy play together. They are only four days apart and both super cute! For the most part they played well together. Sometimes Lucy liked to scratch and Landon would climb on Lucy, but they loved playing together and it was so much fun to watch them interact.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Long time no blog..The Mega Post!

We had a wonderful visit to New Hampshire for Christmas. As you can see in the picture below it was a lot colder than we are used to in Dallas, but it was fun getting all dressed up with warm clothes. We started out our visit with a short Sunday hike with my mom.

Yes, Landon is on my back!
Jimmy becoming one with nature.
The cousins that are four days apart having fun in the bath!
Brothers! Landon loves his brother. Any time Liam interacts with him Landon is in heaven.
Landon also loved snuggling with his Aunt Kirstin
One day we went and visited my Haehnel relatives.
Christmas Eve. Liam was dancing!
The stockings were stuffed with care!
We waited until after church to open presents so Liam was still in his church clothes. I think he looks pretty cute. His favorite presents were cars and candy.

On Sunday night we skyped with my sister who is one her mission in California. It was really one of the highlights to Christmas.

Landon and Bailey bonded. Bailey was so chill with the kiddos. It was so nice.
The few days that there was actually snow on the ground we took advantage of and when sledding. Liam was a super sledder. He liked to go down all by himself. I am glad that we good some snow even though it didn't last long.

Roland and I celebrated our 5th anniversary by going on a mini hike up Pitcher Mountain. This is the same spot where he proposed so it was nice to go back on our anniversary. We didn't stay at the top long though because it was freezing!
We also went out to eat and went bowling for our date. This was the score of our second game. Roland did great and any time I get over 100 I feel pretty good about myself.
And no trip to NH is complete without going to see my Great Grandma and the boys Great great Grandma. She turned 100 this last year and it always so great to see her and my Uncle Wally. Liam was pretty happy about it.

I am in love with this picture!
Roland took a lot of great shots with his camera (and tripod that he got for Christmas). So there with probably be another post about Christmas, because even though that was a long post, I feel like I left a lot out. It was a wonderful visit. I love my family and cherish the time I get to spend with them.