Monday, April 25, 2011

Our Easter Weekend

We had one busy weekend. 3 easter egg hunts, a ward activity and dinner on Sunday. It all started on Friday afternoon when our apartment complex had an Easter celebration complete with bounce houses the Easter bunny and a huge Easter egg hunt. It was a really fun time. Then Saturday morning we had an Easter breakfast with our ward. Liam then got to do another Easter egg hunt. Then Sunday we had a wonderful time at church and then a potluck dinner with some great friends. After dinner we had an Easter egg hunt with for the kids. Needless to say Liam definitely knows the word egg now. He did pretty well searching for the eggs, but really all he wanted was what was inside. He would pick up an egg, shake it and and then open it for the candy. He could care less if there were more eggs, he just wanted what was inside of the one he had. It really was a great weekend. It is always nice to think a little bit more about our Savior. We spend last week studying the scriptures that had to do with the Resurrection and it was nice to contemplate what a miracle it was that Christ was dead and now lives again. I am grateful for that knowledge and for the knowledge that we all can live again with our families.
First egg hunt
My little bunny

He climbed all the way up to the top by himself. He loved this slide.

2nd egg hunt
Crown for the potluck. I was so proud of how it turned out. Yum!
Getting at the candy
The cheesiest smile

Liam and his some of his best buds

Tennis ball in the berry sauce. Love the kids faces in this picture
What Liam was doing while the adults were talking. He climbs on everything now.
Cute boys!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Dental Olympics: Our Trip to Houston

Playing Basketball with Daddy

Liam loved this chair
Beautiful sunset that we witness on our way to Houston

Every year the three dental school in Texas (Baylor, San Antonio and Houston) compete against each other in the Dental Olympics. No they do not compete in things such as root canals or fillings They play sports like the real Olympics! This year it the Olympics was in Houston and it gave us a great excuse to visit and stay with Jon and Crystal. Crystal was my roommate all through our years at BYU so it was great to catch up and reminisce on our college days. The Olympics were fun. Roland played some softball and pick up basketball. All and all a great weekend trip!

Monday, April 11, 2011

Oh the Adventures of Potty Training...

So over General Conference weekend (April 1-3) we decided to do 3-day potty training with Liam. Like I have posted earlier he had peed in the potty a few times before he went to bed, but we decided it was time to get him fully potty trained. So here is how it went:
DAY 1:
I was pretty nervous because Roland was in school that day and it was the first day of potty training. The method we used was put Liam in underwear and give him a lot of liquids. I was to catch him every time that he peed and run him to the potty and then remind him to tell me every time he had to go pee. The morning was HARD! He had a lot of accidents and did not want to sit on his potty. When I realized that he wanted to sit on the toilet everything changed. He would actually pee on the toilet and not freak out. It really was the turning point of the day. Roland also came home around 11:20 for lunch. I really needed his support so it was so nice for him to come home. Liam took a nap around noon and he went to the bathroom before, slept for 3 hours and did not wet the bed. I was really happy about that. The afternoon went much better than the morning and Liam got really excited when he went in the toilet. When Roland got home at 5:30 I was super excited. It is always nice to have some extra help. We then put Liam to bed at about 7:30.
DAY 2:
Saturday was pretty similar to Friday. He had the most accidents in the morning, and then in the afternoon was much better. I was able to get out for a walk because Roland was home, so he got a taste for how hard it was. He took a nap without an accident again. I really think the key is making sure that he goes to the bathroom before his nap. In the afternoon Liam told us most of the time when he had to go and only had 1 accident!
DAY 3:
Sunday went really well. We didn't give him as much liquid so he was able to control himself more and did not have many accidents. It was nice today because we were able to go for a walk and get outside.

I have been waiting to post this until a week after because I wanted to see how the week after went and it was okay. Of course he still had some accidents, but we were able to get out and do all of our normal things. I just made sure there was a bathroom close by and made sure that he knew he needed to tell me if he had to go potty. He really likes public bathrooms for some reason, which is kind of gross, but I am glad that he is not afraid to use other bathrooms besides the one at home. I am pretty optimistic. We haven't put a diaper on him since we started potty training except for pull ups at night and when we went to Houston over the weekend. One weird thing is that starting today he likes using the potty not the toilet again. So maybe be will switch back and forth. He has not gone #2 on the toilet yet(although he has had accidents in his underwear which is not fun to clean up), but I have heard that takes longer, so I am just going to be patient.
So we are just going to keep doing the same and hope it sticks. I wouldn't say he is fully potty trained but we are getting there. I really am so so proud of my big boy.