Sunday, January 23, 2011

Week 3: Christmas Break

So now that January is almost over, I will finish posting about our break. The third week was a little more relaxed and we had a lot of time to ourselves since most people were back at work. So we:
1. Took a trip up to Provo to visit my brother, Peder and sister, Gretchen and my roomie Allie. It was super fun. It made me miss BYU.
Walking around campus
Love them! I am so glad we got to go because both of them are thinking of going on missions in the spring and I don't know when I will get to see them again. So yeah it was really really good to see these two.
Liam, Me, Allie and Lucy. I could not believe how alike Lucy and Liam's personalities are. Both are very out going and really like to give hugs. I wish we lived closer so we could hang out more.

2. Went on some walk/hikes as a family

Snow Canyon! Why can't Dallas be this beautiful? No offense Dallas, but you don't really compare to this.

3. Made the trip back to Dallas. Blah. That is all I have to say about the drive. It was hard to say bye to everyone, but it was nice to get back to Dallas and our own routine. And that is just what we are doing. Roland is back in school, studying hard and Liam and I are home staying busy. Just FYI: 3 doctor's appointments the week after you get back from vacation is not something I would do again. Anyway, wonderful trip. Can't wait to go back.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Liam Update: 20 Months- Word Explosion

So I feel like I have not updated on my wonderful son Liam in a while. He is now 20 months! Seriously where does the time go? Liam is becoming quite the independent boy and likes to do most things on his own. He still sucks his thumb(as you can see above) and is very attached to his blankie. Over Christmas break he had a word explosion. I feel like he now learns 2-3 words a day. Here are some of the words he knows and uses:

Hello, Hi, Bye-bye, Mommy, Daddy, Cookie, Cracker, Cheese, Please (He also signs this one and it is super cute), Ball, Nose, Mouth, Eyes, Teeth (This one I give most of the credit to Roland. He is always thinking about teeth), Dog, Doggie, AJ (one of his best friends), Light, Go (He says this frequently in the car when he thinks we are not going fast enough), Car, Bird, Buddy, Baby, Mine, Me, You, Turtle, More (He mostly just signs this one), Green, Blankie and we are working on Thank You.

It is amazing! I love Liam and I think he is going to be a great big brother. Now that I am showing he is starting to understand that there is a baby inside me. He will stay baby and stroke my belly. The other day Roland found him pointing at his own stomach and saying baby. Although that will never happen for Liam it is pretty darn cute.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Christmas Vacation: Week 2

Week 2 of vacation was pretty great too. Some of the things we did were:

1. Throw this lovely lady a baby shower. Sorry Sandy I just had to post this picture.
2. Played with all our new toys and Woody. Liam loves Woody!
3. Said goodbye to Adrian and gave cousin Parks lots of hugs.

4. Went to the Mall with Annie, Erik and Parks and played on the fire engine and ice cream truck.

5. Welcomed in 2011. Liam stayed up all the way to midnight. On the way home he was asleep in a matter of seconds.

6. Played in more parks with Erik, Annie, Parks. Yes, that is snow and we were in St. George. It was really cold when we were in St. George.

7. Saw our great friends Nate, Michelle and their kids Addison and Bryn. Sorry we have no pictures of this visit, but it was great. So that was Week 2. Missing everyone already.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Week 1: Christmas Break

Well I am finally getting around to blogging about our trip. So it wouldn't be total photo overload I decided to break it up into the 3 weeks that we were there. So here is what we did.

1. We drove to St. George from Dallas. Not going to lie it was kind of a beast. Liam was such a trooper though. We left at around his bedtime (6:30 pm) and drove through the night and got there at about 3 in the afternoon. We were all happy to be out of the car! Roland and I have talked about it and we think that we are never going to attempt that drive again.

2. After recuperating from the drive we hung out with the family. One day we went to the park with Erik, Annie and Parks. Liam loved playing with his cousin. The park we went to this week was kinda crazy, but cool.
Cheesy smile

Cool swingy things for adults!

Family Picture. Notice the slight belly that I am starting to have.
3. Making ginger bread houses. I think we did this on the 23rd. It was fun and messy and we all ate way too much candy.

4. Christmas Eve. For dinner we had yummy lasagna and then the boys opened one of their presents.

Liam really liked this container/hat.

Matching jammies. The cousins were not in a very photogenic mood but they are actually both looking at the camera in this one.
Not so much in this photo.
All of us on Christmas Eve in front of the tree.
5. Christmas morning. Liam woke up first and we all opened up our presents. We then had waffles for breakfast and relaxed the rest of the day.
Love this picture. I think it is because of how tired Roland looks.
Yeah! It is Christmas. Really Liam was just excited about the marshmallows that Daddy gave him for breakfast.

Liam and his new trike.
And that is all for week 1. Week 2 to follow.....

Friday, January 7, 2011

We're back!

After a 20 hour drive we are back in Dallas. I am to tired to do the long post about our vacation, but I promise that will be coming soon. Right now we are grateful for great weather, our car that ran fantastically and sleep. I may go to sleep right now while Liam watches Kung Fu Panda.