Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Uncle Geoffrey!

At the end of February my youngest brother Geoffrey came to visit for a few days. He is leaving for his mission in April and so we really wanted to see him before he left. We had so much fun. I don't think that Geoff really believe me when I told him it rained all the time until he came and saw it for himself. It was so rainy when he was here. The only day it didn't rain was the day he got here, which was beautiful during the day, but he got to the airport at night. Oh well. It didn't stop us from having some adventures. The first full day he was here we took a hike down to the Sound. We had a lot of fun turning over rocks to find crabs and almost got caught by the rising tide. 

 A crazy cute picture of Landon. This boy is getting so independent. 
Yeah we really need to get another double stroller. Ours could not make it from New Hampshire, so for now we improvise. 
 The boys loved every minute that Geoffrey was here. They got really close to him over the summer while we were living in New Hampshire so they loved having their "favorite" uncle here to play with and hang with (Sorry Peder and Poul).
 One day we headed down to Olympia and saw the Capitol building. It is really cool and you can just wander around inside. 

 We also went to the Olympia children's museum. I didn't take many pictures here because it was super  busy inside. 
 Our last stop in Olympia was a park. The sun peaked out for a little bit while we were here so we were all happy about that. 

 Landon loved jumping in the puddles. He was seriously soaked by the time we left. 

 The last night Geoffrey was here, just him and I went to the movies. We saw the Lego movie together. It was really fun to hang out with him. Geoffrey is a great brother (even though he is a little goofy) and a great uncle to his nephews. I know he is going to make a wonderful missionary. Love you Geoffrey. Thanks for coming to visit us!

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